Benny Blanco® – Task EP – bdbc02


Artist: benny blanco®
Title: Task EP
Catalog: bdbc02
Genre: Techno / Acid / Downtempo / Dub
Recorded: 1995 (original)
Released: 2009-01-19
Source: DAT
Encoder: LAME
Quality: 320kbps / 4410kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: 3
Size: 55 MB

(A1) Discipline (5:42)

(A2) Offset (7:17)

(B) Killing In Mind (10:50)

with Traktor beat grids, waveform analysis and bpm embedded already.

Liner notes:
Here we are at blancodisco release #2…. and just a week or so later from the initial launch of the label. 3 tracks presented here all with an appearance from our good friend, Mr. Acid (TB-303). Again, the tracks have been recently remastered from the last version of ‘final, final final’ mixdowns I had.

“Discipline” opens the EP and is a bit more foot forward techno. Has a bit of grit/edge to the overall sound, but not distorted. So those liking a bit harder sound, may enjoy this. Maybe a touch of Hardfloor charm, but certainly not going to fool you. The Casio RZ-1 drum sounds in all their 12 Bit glory grit out their patterns. “Offset” is a bit more minimal and deeeEeeep in tone and I believe was inspired by Mark Broom. He was a heavy influence in minimal quirky techno records that were coming out at the time. I think the biggest influence of the Mark Broom sound in this track comes in the form of the rolling bassline that has a bit of funk to it. There’s also a nice off kilter 303 line too weaving in and out. The Waldorf uWave fills in the middle with some dark pads. The B-Side, “Killing In Mind” is owned by the rolling dub bassline that runs pretty much throughout the track after it is introduced in the arrangement. Again, the 303 takes center stage and plays a slowed down dirty acid funk that never ceases to lose interest in its progression in a repeated pattern. The balance of the track is offset by some really sad keyboard pads provided by the Juno-106. The track was inspired or came to fruition cause I had a crush on a girl that just wasn’t interested. So, I was a little pissed and this is the result of that frustration.

And as a final note, these set of tracks where recorded when we had our Ohm Recordings label going. We had an actual office (in the basement) of all things on Boylston St across from the Boston Public Library where huge dance parties (raves) where organized via Primary Productions and then we had our label and studio setup. It was pretty sweet.

Download, enjoy, play out.
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This post was written by benny blanco on January 19, 2009

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