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Artist: Bittah Kru
Title: Bittah Kru EP
Catalog: bdbc03
Genre: Electro / Techno / Acid / Downtempo
Recorded: 1996 & 1997
Released: 2009-07-05
Source: DAT
Encoder: LAME
Quality: 320kbps / 4410kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: 4
Size: 67 MB

(A1) Six Pack (7:09)

(A2) Clean My Heads (7:20)

(B1) Newman Stole My Car (6:04)

(B2) Mode Funk (8:24)

with Traktor beat grids, waveform analysis and bpm embedded already.

Liner notes:
A few months have passed since our last release, so I’m very happy to get #3 finally out. Bittah Kru was a collaboration project between benny blanco®, jonny massif & redboy and the name is derived from the 3 member’s heavy interest in beer. If we made a beer, it would be called Bittah Bru. The first 3 tracks were rendered over the course of a jonny massif weekend stay in boston at the blancodisco in 1997. Benny & Mr. Massif miraculously cranked out 3 tunes. The final track on the EP was produced a year before that in 1996 while Redboy par-toke in a weekend stay in boston as both jonny massif & redboy resided in nyc.

The EP is special as it was a real time performance for mixdown. All tracks were played off the mixing desk and synths tweaked as the jam session progressed. Only a few minor edits were made too truncate the recordings to a more reasonable length and structure.

(A1) Six Pack is deep space electro track with washing synths pads and melodies. The drums patterns were already pre-programmed on a Boss DR-660 drum machine. All the synth noises (bass, pads, melody) were all derived from the lovely synth with the big red knob, Waldorf Microwave I. Filters/EQs were manipulated for real time filter sweeps in the manner that a dj would tweak the dj mixer. This track was produced relatively quickly, about 3 hours.

(A2) Clean My Heads. This was the last track Blanco & Massif produced over the weekend sessions. It was Sunday morning and Massif had to catch a train back to NYC. I think we literally cranked this out in an hour. It’s the most ‘experimental’ sounding of the lot here. This bass drum heavy track utilized the German XBase 09 for almost all of the drum noises. Real Time manipulation was of course essential here too. Drums were programmed fairly quickly. We  sequenced a few other synth noises as rhythmic elements and started jamming out. We hit record on the DAT machine and started messing about with fx sends and tweaking a BOSS PS-5 Pitch Shifter and Boss DD3 Digital Delay Pedals to create the tape dub delay like effects to create the arrangement.

(B1) Newman Stole My Car. Melodic Pitched Kick Drums from the XBase09, 808 like snares and shuffled hi-hats were the core to this retro inspired electro track. Dissonant almost out of tune synth cast a melancholy mood to this track. Certainly not peak dancefloor material the track is geared more for the head. We thought it was reminiscent of something maybe Gary Numan might have done, sans vocals of course. This is the most thematic track of the EP. A nice drum breakdown / build up in the middle makes it choice for the breakdancer in you. Could work as a closing track in your electro inspired dj mixes. Give it a try.

(B2) Mode Funk. When inspiration strikes, one must compose and record. It was just another drinking weekend for redboy in Boston, 1996, when something triggered the two playahs to get productive in the studio. This track is the fruits of this session. This was the most produced track on the EP as we spent the most time crafting the sounds, arrangement and the performed mixdown to DAT. This funky downtempo acid bobber has older Depeche Mode like keyboard lines/sounds, but it the familiar funky acidisms of the TB-303 that come center stage. The dubby rolling bassline keeps thing rooted at the base. Boss’ DR-660 provided the Beats.

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