Benny Blanco® – Continuum – bdbc01


Artist: benny blanco®
Title: Continuum
Catalog: bdbc01
Genre: Acid / IDM / Electro / Techno
Recorded: 1993 (original)
Released: 2009-01-06
Source: DAT
Encoder: LAME
Quality: 320kbps / 4410kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: 2
Size: 55 MB

(A) Continuum (Original) (10:55)

(B) Contambient (12:45)

with traktor beat grids, waveform analysis and bpm embedded already.

Liner notes:
Looking for some early 90’s organic psychedelic head trippin acid or some ambient 808 electro techo-acid? Look no further.

These two tracks have been recently been remastered here at the blancodisco studio (and still not bob ludwig’d), but definitely better than that mixes originally coming off of the DAT. “Continuum” was originally recorded in my basement studio at 63 Park Drive in the “Fens” of Boston in the early 1990’s. The Original mix is just an organic and melodic acid track with a continuously looping 16 bar drum pattern (909 samples playing on an E-mu Emax Rack Sampler). There’s also a nice old school 8th note Gated Synth effect where I had something I forgot what, trigger the gates on the Alesis 3630 Compressor on another Pad. The whole point of this track is to make these TB-303s Sing. I think I did allright in this department. The original and the 303 Acidpella for “Contambient” was recorded through a very old Roland 24 channel line mixer that had no eq and recorded direct to the Yamaha DAT player I had at the time. The mix was done live/improvised. The sequences just looped and I played the board, sequencer mutes (opcode studio vision pro), of course the 303s knob twiddling. Old school electronic jamming.

The B-Side, “Contambient“,  was recorded a few years later in the Ohm Recordings basement offices/studio on Boylston St. where I had access to label partner Steve Baron‘s, TR-808. I recorded this piece using an acidpella recording of my two 303 from the initial Park Drive sessions and added the 808 drums and ethereal pads off of the E-mu Emax sampler. I particular love this patch as I have an old Rising High record that uses this exact same patch.

The recording is especially important for one, it’s one of my earliest 303 recordings I had made shortly after acquiring my 2nd TB-303. One final note is that the chord progression in the original was inspired by M. Coleman Horn. I met him through Fred Giannelli and I think Coleman had stopped by the studio one day when I was just getting going on this session. For whatever reason, these are the bits I’m remembering about this release.

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