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Welcome to label blancodisco. So far, it’s just a nimble and flexible electronic music label featuring mostly the works of benny blanco®. There will be a few collaborations posted as well… and perhaps down the road, will expand to full on artists releases, that aren’t originally created by benny blanco®, but most likely will be remixed by him. The label launched in January 2009.

The plan is to get the initial batch of archive recordings re-mastered and packaged up nicely and released first. These will contain the catalog coding of: bdbc## (blancodisco back catalog + number). Anything new originally created past Jan 1st, 2009, will contain the catalog coding of: bd## (blancodisco + number). This is subject to change as I may deem fit.

Musically, you will probably only find electronic groove oriented music (Acid, Techno, House, Downtempo, Dubby, Minimal, etc). There may be a few ‘ambient’ type pieces thrown in from time to time. Most likely no rock, folk, country, classical, polka, top 40, hip hop… etc… I think you get the picture. It’s an underground vibe.

What else can I tell you, all releases will be pre-analized (striped waveforms, load/beat grids & BPM)  for use in Traktor (the dj application I use) and will have embedded artwork as well as supplemental artwork and .nfo files. The release entry will contain all pertinent meta data, previews to the tracks (to save you from downloading) as well as some ‘liner notes’ where I will attempt to mention something interesting about the recording session, the techniques or some other related story tied to the release.

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This post was written by benny blanco on January 1, 2009

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