Hello world, Welcome to label.blancodisco!

I’m pleased to finally announce the launch of the blancodisco net label. A place for high quality packaged digital releases for listening and dj’ing. This project has been an ambition of mine for quite some time now and I’m just happy I’ve finally gotten ’round to doing it. As you can see, I like orange. Over time, I will be messing with the design/theme templates and change things up as we grow here.

Most of the work will derive from label head, benny blanco®, but down the road, we may see some releases from some friends and fans. The music featured on blancodisco will most likely be electronically based. No rock, hip hop, folk, country, classic, showtunes…. I think you get the picture. I think after the initial releases are published, you’ll get a pretty good picture of what we are about. I’ll do my best to release something decent, but if it isn’t quite up to par, it’s only because I have a strong emotional attachment to the music itself. No bother to you though, except for you time. The files are provided free of charge and are incorporating the use of creative commons licensing. Please be sensible.

I’d love to hear your feedback as to how I can better improve this blog site as the platform and vehicle to more officially release my tracks. I hope to see this url
travel far and wide throughout the web and that you will continue to return to see what’s up with my musical contributions.

benny blanco®

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This post was written by benny blanco on January 1, 2009

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